• Silence

    In the whole World, only one manuscript unfolds the Roman de Silence.
    It was discovered in Wollaton Manor, Nottinghamshire, in a box marked Old Papers - No Value, buried under some letters from King Henry VIII.
    A legend had been patiently waiting, for seven hundred years.
    But it was 1911. A tale of female sovereignty was a little to hot to handle. Suffrage protests were at their explosive height. The academics had discovered an ancient story which declared that King Arthur's own lineage depended on the emancipation of his female descendants. So the manuscript itself was kept silent.
    But the story was made to be told.
    Now is the time to tell it.
    A tale of naughty trysts and gender shifts, chivalry and shade, nature and nurture, music, mayhem, and a ravenous Merlin on the trail of a juicy bit of steak.

  • Testimonials

    Sarah Rundle

    "Silence is an excellent show. The plot is strong and complex: weak or wicked kings, a dragon, knights and greedy lords, early medicine: and Rachel gives all the characters depth and often a little ambiguity: is the king simply wicked, or is he a hostage to the rapacity of his nobles? There is love, war, injustice, humour: the whole show sings and sizzles. I loved it and would happily listen to it all over again. Twice.

    Best of all, this show is just the beginning of the epic: there is a sequel to come, and this sequel will confound all conventional preconceptions of what Medieval people thought about gender (spoiler alert...)

    Silence is about 1hr~1hr5min long so is ideal for half of a club night or for a festival slot (though a festival might want to book the sequel too).

    I think it is the best thing I have ever seen Rachel do."

    Sally Pomme Clayton

    "Silence takes you deep into a Medieval world of courtship and kingship, politics and magic, nature and nurture. Rachel Rose Reid brings this lost and unknown 13th century epic so vividly to life that it burns with contemporary relevance.


    Rachel Rose Reid has steeped herself in the historical and cultural background of this unusual Medieval epic. Her performance is deep and delicate, combining elegant language, gesture, characters and historical details. This performance immerses the listener in Medieval culture, making the listener feel that they are there. It is accessible and highly entertaining and is filled with humor and wry commentary.
    The epic explores Medieval ideas about gender and land rights that are astoundingly modern, and are vital issues for audiences today."

  • Now & Next...

    January-April 2017

    Having first found the story in 2015, Rachel began working on it in earnest in January, with mentorship from Sally Pomme Clayton and medieval wisdom from Professor Helen Swift. She performed the first part of the legend at Storynights at Torriano, in London. .You can see testimonials from that here

    May 2017-beyond!

    Whilst working on the next section of the story, I would like to find a group of story clubs to tour the first section to, and to make a joint Arts Council application grant to support our work together. I would make the application, and some statements and information from you.

    October 2017

    Rachel has now completed a performance of the second part of Silence, which seems to neatly fit into three acts. Two down, one to go! Some brilliant ideas have bubbled to the surface about how this story might be shared in the year to come, especially since it lines up so perfectly with the Centenary of Suffrage.

    Into 2018

    A small tour of the South West is planned in April 2018, bringing the story home to where it belongs, in storytelling clubs and village halls throughout Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset. Would you and your club, festival or arts centre like to be involved? Get in touch!

  • About us...

    Rachel Rose Reid


    Rachel's a previous winner of the UK Young Storyteller of the Year, and has received much attention for taking storytelling to unexpected venues and collaborations.

    She has performed at Alden Biesen (BE), Beyond the Border, Festival at the Edge, Amsterdam & Norwegian Festivals of Storytelling, Racontamiunastoria (IT), Words (DN), and Contos de Liberdades, and has written and performed stories for London City Sinfonia, the RSC, and Billy Bragg.

    A compelling teller of tales...a voice that draws the audience in...An air of the bittersweet permeates and old stories sound fresh The Stage

    Immense skill and breathless conviction...There's no faulting Reid's command of her craft
    The Times

    Sally Pomme Clayton


    Sally Pomme Clayton is a pioneering storyteller. She co-founded The Company of Storytellers with Ben Haggarty and Hugh Lupton in 1985, spearheading storytelling in the UK. Together they created ground-breaking performances, especially for adult audiences, developing storytelling as a contemporary art that is not just for children! Because of their work, storytelling is now a flourishing art form.

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